To become a member of The Moorings you need to:

How should I get notified about upcoming events?

To stay updated with all news from The Moorings open your web browser and enter the following url:

This page contains all the instructions necessary to get notified over e-mail. Please note that this is the preferred means of communication for The Moorings as most discussion will occur here. A basic rss feed can be found here.

Where can I ask questions about events?

As a member of the mailing list you can ask questions and they will broadcast to all other members. If you have an internal XMPP account, you can discuss events in the private groupchat. To use your XMPP account get the Siskin or Conversations app for IOS and Android, respectively, and login with For simple questions and image/file sharing the groupchat is preferred and has the added benefit of connecting users personally.

I have pictures from an event, where do I send them?

Please e-mail your pictures and a description of them to or share them in the MUC. We’ll put them in the event listing and maybe feature them on the home page.